It’s a great day in the South Bay

….When you see the skyline shifting

I had the privilege of attending the 2019 State of the District with Los Angeles City Council member Joe Buscaino. I joined over 300 attendees at the sold-out event on the 11th floor of the Topaz Building in San Pedro, hosted by the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce.  The venue with its commanding view of the Port of Los Angeles and beyond was the perfect place to hear about the investment and economic development occurring in the city of San Pedro, as well as encouraging new public safety programs in the works.

Joe Buscaino

I’ll admit that though the speech was quite compelling I was distracted — and honestly overwhelmed — by the bird’s eye view of San Pedro. It really brought home for me the impact of all the growth and development surrounding this city. You could even see the site of innovation hub AltaSea.

San Pedro View

Read more about the area’s development that and see renderings here.
And here’s more on the San Pedro Public Market.

San Pedro

The event also included an introduction of the six candidates running for San Pedro Honorary Mayor. These are San Pedro citizens competing to raise funds for their causes of choice. An impressive group for sure – and further evidence of this city’s bright future.

Honorary Mayor Candidates San Pedro

You can read more about the State of the District here.

If you haven’t heard about the development and improvements in San Pedro you should definitely start following it. It’s a period of time in South Bay history that your kids will tell their kids about. We’ll have more on this in future posts as well.

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