It’s a great day in the Southbay…when you get to share.

It’s a great day in the South Bay when when you get to share it with those less fortunate. And by “less fortunate” I mean in this case those who have to take an airplane to get here.

The holidays are when friends and family flock to California to enjoy a bit of sunshine during the drearier winter months. It’s always fun to pile everyone into the car and head to the trails for an afternoon of hiking. Parents marvel at the scenery, kids learn to catch crabs and find bits of sea glass to take home as natural souvenirs. And we who live here see our surroundings with fresh appreciation.

These tourists are welcome to crash on our sofas and explore our neighborhoods. But at the end of the day we are the ones who get to call this gorgeous place home. And for that I for one am truly thankful.

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