Timothy McOsker, CEO of AltaSea in San Pedro, outlines his vision for AltaSea and the future.


Here’s a snippet of the transcript:

70% of this planet is covered in ocean waters.
90% of that ocean is yet undiscovered.

We have innovated space. We know more about the face of Mars than we know about the floor of our own ocean. And we know that it’s the last great frontier of this world. The ocean bears the brunt of climate change. It absorbs more heat than the earth absorbs. We have entire species that are dying off  – some that we haven’t met yet – and we know that the future of this world really lies in preserving the ocean. So what better place than an urban ocean in Los Angeles, to set aside a piece of property where we’re going to have researchers in a 60,000 square foot building studying things like climate change.
–Tim McOsker, CEO, AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles


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