AltaSea CEO Timothy McOsker has a vision for the future of work and education in the San Pedro area. AltaSea’s SCMI brings the history and rich traditions of the area into the future.

“We know that San Pedro and the harbor area has been a place where the local economy has depended upon the ocean, and will always depend upon the ocean. We know that with fishing and dock work we have sustained generations and created a great middle-class economy that folks could count on. Well, the world has changed a bit, and fishing is not what it used to be…So what does work look like in the future? In a place like AltaSea, besides trying to preserve the earth and save the ocean, we are also looking at the future of work, and we think that with aquaculture and with blue robotics and with new energy sources in the ocean, we’re also creating career paths for our children.”

“We have signed an agreement with something called the Southern California Marine Institute. You’ll hear it referred to as SCMI. SCMI is a consortium of 23 universities and campuses. It is USC, UCLA, Occidental State College System, and the junior college system, the community college system. It is everyone who is in Southern California who has a marine biology component. They are currently operating together on Terminal Island in a smaller facility, and they are looking to move to the AltaSea site and go from about 6,000 square feet of building into this new 60,000 square foot building, so they can collaborate together.”

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