Our very own Paige Lindgren had a great conversation with actor and South Bay local Hayden Byerly. Hayden is best known for his starring role as Jude on The Fosters. The Fosters ended two years ago on its fifth season, but that has not stopped Hayden from being super busy.

Paige: So let’s just dive right in. Let’s start to talk about your Foster’s experience. You grew up on that show, there probably was a lot of nostalgia leaving it, but were you kind of ready for this next step and journey in your life, and to start up all these projects you’re doing now?

Hayden Byerly: The wonderful thing about The Fosters is Jude grew up and I was, I did the same exact thing. I was 12 when I started this show, and Jude was roughly the same age, so I was going through a lot of things in my own personal life that Jude was experiencing on the show. and so that really helped me, I guess see multiple different sides of multiple problems and understand how to work through it and deal with it properly, and it really helped me grow. When I finally got to 16, 17 years old, when we were five years into the show, Jude was also ready to go off to college and start his next chapter in his life, and it kind of just made sense that I would move on and continue the same way. so-

Paige: Let’s start with your skateboard collaboration with Dusters Skateboards and ET Surf our local Hermosa beach company. How did that fall into place?

Hayden Byerly: I have been skateboarding for eight years now, and I mostly just long board. It’s mostly recreational, but I just genuinely enjoy being outside and doing it, and I always found it a little bit better than riding a bike. And so, I used to skate all over the place, and I met a guy who works for ET Surf and who does the distribution for Globe. And he and I started talking about boards and stuff, and I started talking about the show, and he was like “Well, you should come to the warehouse and just check them out. Like, just take one with you.” And I was like “Yeah.”

Paige: A free board? Okay.

Hayden Byerly: I’m not going to say no to that…So after going and continuing to develop a personal relationship with him, I was like, “Hey, I kind of think that it would be cool seeing that I skate so much and you kind of make the boards, if we did a thing together.” And so I’ve been working on a design for quite some time, and I’m super excited.

Paige: Another project, your podcast, “It’s Wednesday, My Dudes.” Let’s talk about the meaning behind that and what you’re going to be doing with your podcast?

Hayden Byerly: So I really wanted to, as I grew up and got older I started getting more invested into podcasts personally, varying different types for different reasons. I liked them when they talked about different movies, shows, celebrities, people in their real life, psychology, like all sorts of different things, and I really wanted to make something that appealed to and targeted kids, young adults, and I really wanted to motivate people who are younger to think about the future, and to think about how they have an effect on our planet and our world and everything that happens around us currently. So that really motivated me in order to try and reach out and speak to people, and I thought, “Well, what’s the best way to try and have as many people hear me as I can?” And I thought a podcast might be something that was not only fun, but also really informational…And I started doing that with a buddy of mine just as a gimmick, and it picked up really fast, and people started to love the idea and heavily support it, and my buddy and I had a ton of fun making those videos, and we got to do some really weird stuff, like really crazy stuff.

Paige: What can we expect from Jude in Good Trouble?

Hayden Byerly: Good Trouble Jude is very different from The Fosters Jude. I will say that it’s been a lot of fun coming into a completely different mindset for Jude. He’s much more older, he’s more mature, he’s been through a lot in his life, and he’s grown, and now he’s kind of coming in as the wide ol- wise old Sage. He’s there for Callie and he’s trying to be the shoulder to cry on and be a good support system to his sister, so I really enjoyed kind of getting to be the strong, kind brother, and coming into the show and sharing a little bit of wisdom.

Paige: So let’s talk about working in Hollywood, but living here in “the bubble-“

Hayden Byerly: It’s honestly incredible. It is its own little pocket, like it’s its own little community. I mean, everybody here is incredibly friendly and open and outgoing, but you can find everything that you need here. You don’t have to go very far. I, like I said, I used to skate everywhere. I used to skate to the gym, the store, like when I would go eat at restaurants, like I didn’t have to drive anywhere, and that’s, I mean that’s incredible for a ton of reasons, you’ve got your physical health and then you know your mental as well as the fact that you live in a wonderful community. It’s beautiful down here, the beaches are incredible. I love the fact that it’s, again, it’s a little bit different from Hollywood…There’s a little bit more of a relaxed, chill vibe here at the beach.

Paige: It’s like vacation.

Hayden Byerly: It feels like you’re coming home to a vacation, which sounds weird, but that’s how it feels.

Paige: Is there anything about the South Bay that inspires you creatively?

Hayden Byerly: There’s a lot of things, actually. I think just the general scenery is beautiful, the beach is a wonderful place to be, but there are also a ton of murals here along a lot of the beaches, not only just in the South Bay, even up North, and those murals and a lot of the artists that do them really do inspire me in order to create and make more things. Seeing such beautiful works of art spread out across the city is nice. I’d much rather walk down a street and see that than a gray face…So that is something that’s very unique about this place, is that there’s a lot of life to everywhere that you go. There’s always a character to see, and there’s always something to pay attention to, and that made me motivated in order to do that with the world, to broaden that to everybody in order to make it a little more interesting.

Paige: Well, thank you so much for speaking with us and sharing your story and South Bay favorites.

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