Manhattan Beach-based lifestyle and performance footwear and apparel company Skechers USA has donated one million non-medical masks to essential workers and communities in need thanks in part to a TikTok dance challenge set to the track “Skechers” by Spotify US Viral Chart phenomenon DripReport.

The company will be donating the non-medical, triple-layer surgical style masks in partnership with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles to non-profit organizations that typically do not receive PPE from government institutions, with a focus on economic hardship. The masks will go to community and public education centers, health and rehab outreach facilities as well as homeless shelters and food banks in the greater Los Angeles area, Chicago, New York City, Detroit and several cities in Florida and New Jersey.

“We’ve been watching TikTok become a driving force that’s keeping so many people connected during this difficult time,” said Robert Greenberg, CEO of Skechers. “After the viral success of DripReport’s ‘Skechers’ on the platform, I knew we had to transform the momentum into a give-back effort – one that ended up involving fans also giving back just by sharing a dance. It’s a beautiful thing, and we’re excited to be working with the United Way and all of our partners on donating a million masks, as we all make a difference together.”

The #MillionMaskChallenge started with announcements by TikTokers Addison Rae, Loren Gray, Spencer X, Maiko, Avani and the Croes Brothers, with a combined following of 350 million users. For every “Skechers” dance shared by their followers, Skechers agreed to donate masks to people in need.

“From the start, I wanted to turn this moment into a movement,” said DripReport, who signed with Arista Records earlier this year for the official release of “Skechers”—his first original track. “Part of my goal with the track was to show you can make whatever you wear cool and share a message about self-confidence over material things. When I originally released ‘Skechers’ in January, the world was in a different place. After the track blew up, I love that Skechers and I succeeded in making it stand for so much more.”

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