jamisen will sing to you about the things she would never say out loud.

“I hate confrontation so I write about things I wish I could say to the people that have hurt me or I’ve hurt.”

Music is her way to both escape from and deal with reality. Our very own Paige Lindgren sat down with jamisen to hear about her music, and life growing up in the South Bay.

Despite her youth, Hermosa Beach native jamisen seems like an old soul. Her parents had widely different musical tastes, so she grew up influenced by a variety of artists from Billy Joel to Foo Fighters. The Growlers, Post Malone and SZA are just a few of many who inspire her.


She has been working on her music nonstop and is excited to finally be able to share her work with fans.

SelectSouthBay: How did you first get into music?
jamisen: My mom sings and my dad was in a band– music is in my blood. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing or writing. It was just my hobby until a few years ago when I realized I couldn’t do anything else but that for my future.

SelectSouthBay: Where/ When did you first perform in front of a crowd?

jamisen: I used to make my family sit in my living room and put on a show but I don’t think that’s what you mean, lol! When I was 8 I got to sing a song I wrote with my dad at Spyder Surf Fest. That was the best time of my life until I got off the stage and realized all these people just heard me sing!

After that I didn’t go in front of a crowd until I was 13– it was at Saint Rocke and I got the opportunity to open for Donovan Frankenreiter. He’s such a chill guy– much love for him and Saint Rocke.

SelectSouthBay: How did the opportunity to perform at last year’s Hermosa Beach Concerts come about?

jamisen: Saint Rocke has always been the best to me (even though I have to leave right after I sing because I’m not 21– haha! )

Anyway, they are the people that put on that event and somehow they believed in me enough to put me in front of 12,000 people! Means a lot. It was the most fun I’ve ever had.

SelectSouthBay: How did it feel performing in front of such a large crowd?

jamisen: I was way less nervous than playing in front of a small crowd for some reason. Everyone was dancing and having a good time -it made me feel so comfortable on stage.

SelectSouthBay: Your dad owns Spyder Surf shop, has growing up around surf culture shaped who you are?

jamisen: Yes for sure! It’s a family-owned business so I have understood what hard work means from a young age, watching my parents deal with situations and people. The music world is different than the surfing world, obviously, but there are still highs and lows to both. It’s how you handle situations and try to solve problems and learn from them.


SelectSouthBay: Where do you find your musical inspiration?/What about the South Bay inspires you creatively? 

jamisen: Inspiration to me comes from anything. My new single “Come in” was inspired by my dad saying it would be cool to write a song to the beat of a knock!

The South Bay has given me a lot of opportunities to play places and meet such cool people that I really don’t think I would have been able to pursue music if I was anywhere else, personally.

jamisen Addicted


SelectSouthBay: Tell us about your new song ‘Addicted’, what was the writing process & inspiration behind it?

jamisen: “Addicted” was the first song I had written that didn’t have singer-songwriter vibes. It was really cool to write about what I wanted to say in a different generation. It’s inspired by my problems with relationships–very personal but it was about time I started to really dive deep into my emotions. I definitely understood myself in a new way after writing that.

SelectSouthBay: Growing up here the past 17 years, what is your favorite thing to do in (or about) the South Bay?

jamisen: Too many. I think if I had to pick one it would be the beach with my friends. You can’t have a bad time being with genuine people in a beautiful place.

SelectSouthBay: Can you share a South Bay story with us?

jamisen: I have never been a fan of the ocean. When I was around 10, my friend and I went to the beach and she made me swim. I wore goggles ‘cause I thought that would help me feel safe, but I ended up seeing a sand shark and it took a few months for me to get back in!!

SelectSouthBay: As a South Bay local, can you share a local “lifehack” with our audience?

jamisen: The South Bay is only so big, so if you don’t want to [run into] anyone you know, you should probably stay home!

SelectSouthBay: Where are you performing locally next? 

jamisen: I am headlining at Fiesta Hermosa August 31st 2:00-3:00 pm! It will be at Hermosa Beach Pier and anyone, any age, can come and it’s free! There will be rides and yum food! Can’t wait!

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