Hermosa is a beach town with attitude. The famous Strand, alive with bikes and pedestrians, intersects with the bustling Hermosa Beach Pier and Pier Avenue to generate a thriving center of activity for the city that the self-proclaimed “Best Little Beach City.”
There’s seemingly no end to the outdoor activities. You’ll find its citizens (and their grateful friends) playing volleyball, surfboarding, skateboarding, and boogie boarding .
The homes are as diverse as its residents. From mansions on the Strand to bungalows scattered throughout the town, and multilevel homes in the hills with ocean views Hermosa has a home for you.
Hermosa citizens also enjoy a skate park, green belt, community theater, senior center and impressive music and entertainment options.
Memorial Day and Labor Day bring thousands of visitors to the Fiesta Hermosa street fair—a longtime tradition with hundreds of crafters and artists and live bands.