Lots of people want to live here in the South Bay. There are big reasons: like beach access, beautiful weather, incredible homes and incredibly talented people.

But lately I have been noticing the small reasons I love living here—like an unexpected spray of salt water while taking a morning walk, the fact that even when you’re stuck in traffic you’re surrounded by cinematic scenery, and the comfort in realizing that finding sand in your house isn’t a nuisance so much as it is a hallmark of a great weekend with the family.

There are so many amazing places to live on this Earth and each one of them has its own reasons—little and big—why people love to live there.

I just wanted to use this space to appreciate and share the small moments here where I live, hoping that my neighbors might nod and smile a little bit in agreement —and my future neighbors will find a few more reasons to Live in the South Bay.

I started this blog because, well, I’ve found that it usually is a great day in the South Bay. Life has its each day I find little moments that make me happy I love here.

There are lots of reasons people want move to the Sou

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