Do you have 14,000 friends?

That’s a lot of people to fit in your contacts, but when Michael Greenberg and the Skechers Foundation team up with generous local sponsors, that’s the kind of crowd they can draw – and it’s all to benefit our South Bay kids.

Time to register!

The 2019 walk is Sunday October 27th! Register now!

Last Year’s Success

The 10th Annual Skechers Friendship Walk raised over $2 Million for South Bay schools and the Friendship Foundation. There were a lot of hugs and smiles at this event, and the focus was on building lifelong friendships between kids of all walks of life.

Watch our video to hear Michael Greenberg, President of Skechers and the Skechers Foundation, as well as local celebrities Brooke Burke, Denise Austin and Sugar Ray Leonard give us a behind the scenes look at why this was such a special day.

Here’s the transcript:
Brooke Burke: I’m blown away. I mean, to look out into a sea of 14,000 people, is unbelievable. Then to watch them rally. It’s a family affair. It’s Sunday morning, we shop at 7:00 AM. I’ve never seen anything like this in Los Angeles.

Michael Greenberg: Year one we had 1200 people. We raised 220,000 dollars. This year was epic. We raised north of 2,000,000 dollars, and collectively over the 10 years, 11,000,000 dollars.

Sugar Ray Leonard: Incredible. Every year gets bigger. There’s more love, there’s more support. When I come here, I leave with a smile on my face. It’s about getting involved and making life better for kids. You know, I’ve been a blessed man. This is about appreciating what I have and what I can give. I love it. You almost had me in tears, okay?

Brooke Burke: You know what I love about this, is we see grandparents, we see children. I bring my family out here year after year. My children really watch the effects, and they begin to understand that one little idea makes a massive difference. That’s what we’re teaching, the next generation.

Michael Greenberg: The Friendship Foundation was started in 2005. The concept was to help children with special needs. Really just create friends and have friends. They have friends to go get ice cream with, go to the movies, go to the Dodger game, go to the Kings game. What we do is, we create lifelong friendships.

Sugar Ray Leonard: Michael Greenberg is not just an incredible businessman, he’s a great friend, a great family member. He works 24/7.

Michael Greenberg: After today, the work begins again. We have a team, and they’re a great team and they’re passionate about what we do.

Denise Austin: Well, Michael Greenberg is the president of Skechers, so he has the ability to really help out our community, and he does. We are very blessed to have someone who’s very influential in the business of health and fitness, and shoes, but also lives here, loves it here, and is truly making a difference.

Sugar Ray Leonard: I’m so honored to be a part of Skechers.

Michael Greenberg: It’s been a great 10 years. Great 10 years.

How about another 10 years?
Michael Greenberg: 2028, my God. It may be so big that we not only will start at the Manhattan Beach here, but we may have to start down at the Hermosa Beach at the same time!

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