City Summary

Lomita is an essential South Bay city known for its fine dining and sense of community. Its location is perfect, lying just inland of Palos Verdes, Lomita is a short drive to the beach, and a short commute to exciting cities like Long Beach and San Pedro. Home to many authentic foreign cuisine restaurants, there is never a lack of good food in Lomita. Among these restaurants are the Argentinian Continental Gourmet Market, the Indian Famous Tandoori, the Sichuan Ruiji Sichuan Cuisine, and the Cambodian Nouilles Of 3rds. Lomita is punctuated by many open spaces and parks, where sports and activities are frequently hosted. There is never a shortage of things to do or experience in this city!


Annually, in Lomita, the average daily temperature is approximately 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather is coldest in January, temperatures reaching as low as 48 degrees. The warmest month is August, when temperatures can get as high as 80 degrees. On average, Lomita experiences more than 3 inches of rainfall a month.



20,727 people live in Lomita. The city’s 1.9 square miles provide for a ratio of 10,909 people per square mile. There are seven neighborhoods in Lomita. Central Area is the most populated, with a population of 14,563 and a ratio of 10,418 people per square mile. Lomita Pines (6,436) is the second most populated, with a ratio of 7,207 people per square mile. Western Avenue (6,142) is the third most populated, at 13,362 people per square mile. Pacific Coast Highway (4,806) is the fourth most populated, at 15,693 people per square mile. Lomita Boulevard (4,691) is the fifth most populated, at 11,655 people per square mile. Vista Verde is the sixth most populated, at 2,749 people per square mile. Narbonne Avenue (1,434) is the least populated, at 8,341 people per square mile.

Median HH Income


The median Lomita household earns $57,078 per year. Residents can find work at the California Water Service Company. Lomita is bordered by Torrance, Carson, San Pedro, and Palos Verdes, providing for an easy commute into each of these cities. It is also 20 minutes from Long Beach, where companies such as Boeing and Southern California Edison have offices. 

Number of HH

8,070 (2017)

There are 8,070 households in Lomita, averaging 2.6 residents per household. Families with children can find entertainment throughout the city, with attractions like the Lomita Railroad Museum, Lomita Park, and frequent community events. Couples can enjoy vibrant nightlife, with places such as Astro, which offers karaoke, and Ryo Zan Paku, a Japanese restaurant open until 2 A.M.