It was a great day to be at the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce today! In fact, every 3rd Tuesday is a great day to be at the Chamber. That’s when they hold their fun and informative Chamber 101 meetings.

We all gathered in a large conference room. There were representatives of all kinds of businesses there – bankers, massage therapists, dentists and more! I was surprised at the number of new chamber members there – but I also learned that some are “absentee members” like I have been – just paying dues without attending meetings.

(Guilty! But that’s going to change now that I know all they offer.)

And some are longtime members just interested in learning about new businesses.

Reason Number 1:

You have all these resources for your business–shouldn’t you use them?

Torrance Chamber 101
After a brief introduction by Kirk Rossberg of Torrance Bakery (who also provided some yummy breakfast treats) and Donna Duperron (President and CEO of the Chamber), we broke out into smaller groups and spent time with each of the major players at the Chamber learning about marketing, special programs and events.

Reason Number 2:

Yummy breakfast treats

A highlight for me was meeting Donna in person after reading all her experiences with varied Torrance area businesses in her newsletter column “Out and About with Donna.”

Reason Number 3:

Donna Duperron and her amazing staff

Donna Duperron and Brenna Humphreys

Reason Number 4:

Legislative Representation for business interests

The Chamber offers a ton of benefits to local businesses from education to networking and legislative representation. If you’re a Torrance Area business check out membership! Because with all the events and meetings almost every day is a great day to be at the Torrance Chamber!

Reason Number 5:

You meet cool people and learn about their businesses


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