It’s a great day in the South Bay…when you can drive to a dream.

OK I talk about Ohio a lot here—but when I really pause to consider what’s great about living in the South Bay it helps to have that perspective.
For example, when I was my son’s age, we used to collect box tops to fly out to California from Cleveland at Christmastime to visit my grandparents in San Diego. (To this day I associate the smell of eucalyptus with the holidays even more than I do the scent of pine.)
Every so often as a super-special treat we would make the drive North to go to Universal Studios. As a young theatre student, it was a dream for me to be able to stand on the very same lot where some of my favorite movies had been made.
Now that I live here, it’s fun to see that my kids think it’s just as magical a place as I did.
Only when you live here you can buy a year-long pass and play hooky on your birthday. All without using a single frequent flyer mile.

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