It’s a Great Day in the South Bay … when back to school night is beautiful

Every September it’s Back to School Night in the South Bay. We’ve managed Phase One: getting our little ones to their sanitized desks on the first day with haircuts, lunches, jean that fit, and a fresh supply of gluesticks.

Now it’s time us to meet their teachers and ensure there are some academics mixed in with the South Bay’s dizzying number of extracurricular activities.

Most parents of middle school and high school kids experience a bit of vertigo and perhaps a touch of latent anxiety left over from our own childhoods running across campus to make it to the next classroom printed on the wrinkled schedule page before the bell rings.

But if your kid goes to school in the South Bay, you can at least experience a moment of zen as the sun sets in its spectacular way so you can face the Algebra teacher with a smile —even if you’re a little bit late-and not a “math person.”

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