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“When you purchase a piece of art from Artlife Gallery, I make sure you shake the hand of the artist.” 

Artlife gallery director Vanesa Andrade brings this personal touch to Artlife Gallery. Her hands-on approach makes the gallery an El Segundo must-see. 

Never a Dull Moment

There is constantly something new to learn and experience here. Shows rotate once a month, and artists regularly work in the gallery space. The work displayed has exceptional variety. You’ll experience complex mechanical sculptures, photography–even abstract paintings. There is truly something for everyone.

Warm Reception

I was fortunate enough to meet some of the fantastic artists who make this gallery what it is during their summer opening reception on June 27th.  Artlife’s opening receptions are lively, welcoming, and not to be missed! Better still, they are free to the public and filled with live music and artist meet-and-greets.

Vanesa Andrade

Vanesa herself had sculptures on display.  Her delicate tiny treehouses are enchanting.  They are made up of recycled materials from around the Los Angeles area. 

Richard Berger

Richard Berger is definitely a Renaissance man.  Behind and above him you’ll see two pieces. On the left, a photorealistic floral painting.  On the right, an abstract. Richard was kind enough to show me a video summary of the process behind his photorealism work.  From prepping his canvases to laying out his grid, this painter’s dedication to his craft is exceptional. Check out more of his work and his full bio here.  

Cristian Castro

It’s impossible to miss Cristian Castro’s work as it draws in passerbys regularly!  This particular show’s centerpiece was a Volkswagon Bug turned crab! A self-taught industrial designer and contemporary artist, Cristian began dismantling anything he could get his hands on at a young age.  Be it toys or machinery, he was always eager to transform them into his own creations. See his portfolio site here.

Caron Carus

I also spoke with Caron Carus, whose glasswork and mixed media pieces were a true reflection of her passion for spreading joy with her creativity.  She is someone who proudly brings her art to others, installing her glasswork pieces throughout her community. The evolution of each of her mixed media pieces, and how they transform from one media to the next, each have their own unique backstory.  

Noel Roque

Noel Roque’s photography was a wonderful addition to this group show.  Revolving around nature, his prints are classic. His style ranges from images that appear almost watercolor-eque to the elegant black and white.

Judy Lange

Judy Lange’s ethereal abstracts radiate color that draws the viewer in from across the room.  Ranging from full abstract to figurative pieces, they are all about improvisation and self-discovery.  For her, art is a method of spiritual balance and healing.

Joanne Chase-Mattillo

Joanne Chase-Mattillo also contributed her many talents to the exhibition. Not only does she create photo montages on canvas, but she is a bookmaker too!  She guided me through “When Toys Come To Life,” her book featuring photographic portraits of the toys we all know and love in 3D; glasses included!

To learn more about Artlife, or to make it in for their next exhibition, check out their website and Facebook page.

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