If you have not stopped in to check out Artlife Gallery’s November show, do it this week!  The show will be holding its opening reception on Saturday, November 16th from 6 – 9pm. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Santiago Aulet

Greeting me as I entered the gallery space was a large, incredibly intricate, dragonfly, suspended in the air! Santiago Aulet creates his sculptures with the use of recycled and often unconventional materials. He has a background in the film industry, creating set designs, art, and props.  Because of his unique creative experiences his work is truly one-of-a-kind.

Santiago Aulet & Vanesa Andrade

It was exciting to see that Santiago had collaborated with Artlife’s very own gallery director, Vanesa Andrade.  (Vanesa’s work can be seen here.) They both work with repurposed materials, and they both display delicate craftsmanship in their work, so it seems only natural that they came together to create something whimsical for this exhibit.  

Larry Labow

Furthering the phenomenal focus on sculpture, artist Larry Labow’s airplane wing table sits boldly yet naturally in the gallery space.  This piece’s industrial elegance illustrates his talent to create work that would make a statement in any space it should occupy.

Nicolas Kolesnikov

Nicolas Kolesnikov’s abstract works are a significant highlight in this show.  Koles, his artist name, was born in war-torn Russia and lived in Poland, Germany, Belgium and France with his refugee family before the UN found them a home in Montreal.  Painting was always a pastime for him, so now that he has retired from his teaching career, he has delved into his mixed media work. The manner in which his colorful acrylic textures emanate from the canvas and fill the gallery with movement must be seen in person!  See more about Nicolas and his work here.

Melody Brown

Oil painter Melody Brown also draws the visitor into the space with her colorful wall of faces.  “Moods” is a reflection of her self-described Interactive Expressionism. She “…creates from a school of thought known as Fluidicism, painting without aids or pictures and accessing the subconscious to express visuals of past, present, and future events. She is a raw intuitive process painter. Her colorful images incorporate elements of energy, rhythm, and dance.”  More about Melody and her artwork can be found here.

Judy Lange

A familiar face at Artlife, I saw more daydreamy abstracts from Judy Lange.  In the past she has discussed with me her love of portraying the figure. She uses its shape and movement to illustrate emotions that connect her inner world to that of the viewer’s.  See more about Judy and her work here.


Another bonus experience when visiting Artlife Gallery is the daily artist demos taking place.  I was lucky to catch lola, who has been working with Artlife Gallery for almost a decade. Born in South Africa, lola now resides in Hermosa Beach.  As she painted, she communicated her thoughts on the importance of personal connection when it comes to her work, and all artwork for that matter, because no photograph or website can take the place of a one-on-one encounter with the work itself.  Her paintings will be featured on Artlife gallery walls soon, so stay tuned!

To learn more about Artlife, or to make it in for their next exhibition, check out their website and Facebook page.

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