There’s a lot to love about San Pedro, and the best one to tell you about it is a local.

Timothy McOsker is about as local as they come – and for San Pedro, that’s saying a lot! McOsker is a lifelong San Pedro resident and CEO of AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles. Here’s what he has to say about his city.

“What I love about San Pedro is the intergenerational feel of the place where you know your neighbors. You can go through the grocery store and you can look across the store, and you might know the parents, you might know the kids, you might know the grandparents. There’s a real sense of family. I have people on my staff right now where I worked with their parents, or I knew their grandparents. It’s great also to welcome new people to the community. We are really interested in welcoming new people in the community and building the next series of generations of San Pedrans.  It’s also good to have some history.”

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