One of the best things about living in the South Bay is – what else? The Beach!

We may take it for granted sometimes – but when called upon, South Bay residents are always happy to pitch in and help clean up the coastline. That’s what makes the annual Coastal Cleanup Day a success.

SBAOR Beach Cleanup

The Guinness Book of World Records actually recognized California Coastal Cleanup Day as the “largest garbage collection” ever organized back in In 1993.

In 2018, there were 66,535 volunteers across California and they removed 839,629 pounds of debris from our coastline. They found the craziest things—including a wedding dress last year – right here in the South Bay!

SBAOR Beach cleanup

Beach Cleanup is an event that organizations can really get behind. In the South Bay this year’s organizers included South Bay Association of Realtors, Torrance Chamber of Commerce, and others. Some students were offered extra credit for their participation – but most did it just for the experience and to help the environment.

beach cleanup

Spending your Saturday morning on the beach has to be one of the best volunteer gigs going – so next time you see an opportunity, grab a trash bag and join the effort to keep our beaches clean and sparkling.

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