I attended the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival this past weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was just for fun with family and friends, and we had a LOT of fun…..and food, lots and lots of delicious food. I’m a nosher, so I was all over the Lobster Bistro and since I danced all night, I’m hoping I burned off all those decadent calories.

I spent Sunday with my film crew videotaping the event for my website. I never thought about it before, but lobster is one of the more photogenic foods! We interviewed a few people and shot a ton of footage of the bands, food and fun.

When all the shots were in the can, we camped out in the Lobster Lounge (courtesy of Center Cal and/or Mayor Aspel, I’m not sure which) and indulged in more lobster goodness.

The Redondo Chamber went all out this year for the 20 anniversary – and they really hit it out of the park.

I know the lobster is the main event but the music may have stolen the limelight. The line-up was fantastic and had great variety. I was especially looking forward to seeing Bow Wow Wow and Berlin but the other bands surprised and delighted and Todo Mundo and Flashback Heart Attack just blew me away. Vox DJs did a great job keeping the crowd on its feet between sets.

I understand there were over 5,000 attendees on Saturday. It was packed, and there were lines for everything – although they did move fast, considering the number of people.

This may sound silly, but I was so impressed with that fact that the trash cans were emptied regularly and the bathrooms always had toilet paper! The volunteers were numerous and so helpful and worked their tails off.

Speaking of tails, the Lobsta Ladies went above and beyond all weekend. Considering the hot weather and those heavy costumes, I honestly don’t know how they kept going….with smiles on their faces no less.

Everyone I spoke with had a truly fantastic time. Thanks to the Redondo Beach Chamber for a fabulous weekend – we can’t wait til next year!


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